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My Favorite Vinaigrette


  • Oil (Olive, Almond, Walnut, Avocado, Grapeseed)

  • Vinegar or acid  (balsamic, sherry, red wine, rice, champagne vinegars or lemon or lime juice)

  • Emulsifier (mustard, honey, tahini, peanut butter, yogurt, miso)

  • Spices (thyme, basil, rosemerry, tumeric, cilantro, oregano) 

  • Salt and Pepper


-Mix the oil and vinegar  or acid in a ratio of 3:1 (3/4 cup oil and 1/4 cup vinegar) 

-Add 1 tablespoon of any emuisifier and increase to desired consistency/taste

-Add a pinch of spice(s) and flavor as desired 

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