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grain bowl

Our signature lunch entree. This is the most verstile recipe EVER! 

Pick a grain or two. Pick a couple vegetables and roast them. Pick a couple different greens. Cook them... or don't. Add beans, nuts, seeds, tempeh, organic cheese, pasture raised meat or wild sustainably caught fish. Add a dressing or sauce... or both! Mix it all up in a bowl and enjoy!

Another idea for quick meals that last all week long is to cook double or triple of everything. It's the same amount of time in the kitchen, but food for a week! Store in seperate containers in the fridge, then mix and match all week for easy, tasty and totally nutrient dense meals. 


-Cook grains and drain

-Coat grains in a good oil or butter.

-Add citrus zest, salt/pepper and optional fresh herbs

-Add roasted vegetables and toss

-Add raw and texture ingredients and toss

-Top with protein and *dressing

-Serve or store


*If you want to eat later, hold off on adding dressing until ready to eat.

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