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Can Do


Too busy to cook?  We got you!

Dealing with a diagnosis or illness and need convenient food that supports your health?  We got you! 

Each CAN DO client receives a personalized menu supporting their current health concerns. Menus are tailored to support personal taste, allergies, and goals or symptoms of illness.  We are here to support you!


$100/ hr initial consultation

$75 /hr other services

Can Do

Diet Transition

Did your doctor recommend diet changes, but you don't know where to start? This service provides a step-by-step transition to the recommended diet at a pace set by the client including a customized combination of the following services: weekly or bi-weekly meal plans, recipes, and cooking instructions, cooking lessons, shopping support, pantry make over, and/ or nutritional analysis to ensure lasting dietary changes.


Initial Consultation $100/ hr

Other services $75/ hr

Can Do

Cooking Classes 

Individual or group classes for both kids and adults teaching how to use high quality whole foods to create delicious, nutritious, and simple recipes to satisfy everyone. 

**Rates upon request

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