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Kale salad with chickpeas

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Photo of Personal Chef Jen Randolpy of What Food Can Do

Jennifer Randolph discovered a love of nutrition when working in the competive fashion modeling industry. Through nutrition she learned how to eat to maintain a healthy weight, look, and feel great by eating a nutrient dense diet of whole foods. This lead her to Bauman College in Berkeley, CA where she completed the Nutrition Educator program with a focus on holistic nutrition. She then went on to complete the Chef Training program at the Natural Gourmet Institute in New York, New York with a focus on health supportive plant based cuisine.


Her skills were put to the test when her infant son was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer at just 6 months old. He required a feeding tube to survive the treatment that would ultimatly save his life. Jen dedicated herself to helping her young son learn to eat again post treatment with a focus on nutrient dense whole foods rich in anti-carcenogenic phytonutrients. Her greatest success is seeing her young son eat a meal of Alaskan salmon, brown rice, and kale. 

These life experiences in conjunction with the two programs, consulting with private clients, an internship at Chez Panisse, and teaching corporate wellness, helped her to create a simple style of cooking that supports a diverse range of health goals for her clients. She has had the pleasure of supporting clients with food while they are going through a range of health concerns such as cancer, cognitive decline/Alzheimer's, pregnancy and postpartum, blood glucose irregularities, weight loss, and more.

 Jennifer is committed to supporting her clients with high quality individualized food. She believes that real food equals real health and that cooking reinforces healthy habits.

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